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Is a root canal really worth it?

It is not uncommon for people to think that root canal treatment is painful and unnecessary. However, root canal treatment is one of the most predictable ways to save your tooth from being lost.

Simply put, root canal treatment is a filling in the roots of your tooth. To remove inflammation or infection resulting from decay and injury, the inflamed pulp tissue from the root must be removed and a special filling placed within the root canals. This allows the tooth to be restored to look and function normally without the tooth being permanently lost.

Treat Tooth Pain

Many patients that receive root canal treatment are in pain before the treatment due to dental inflammation. This is the primary reason that some people associate root canal treatment with pain, when in fact, the treatment will relieve you from pain. 

It is very important that a tooth that receives a root canal treatment be restored with a crown so that the tooth does not fracture. Because a tooth requiring a root canal is usually compromised to begin with, the tooth is more susceptible to fracture without proper restoration.

Schedule Your Root Canal in Chantilly, VA

No other tooth replacement option will function better than your own teeth, and root canal treatment allows you to lengthen the life of your teeth without the need for dentures and implants.

If you are in need of a root canal treatment, don’t delay any further. Call our friendly office to schedule a convenient appointment.

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