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When should I start bringing my baby in for dental check up?

Your baby’s dental visit should begin by the age of one and continue regularly, just as you take your baby to a pediatrician at regular intervals for well visits. Although every child develops at their own pace, there are some developmental milestones that should be noted in your child’s oral health. Dr. Kim will take the time to explain how to care for your child’s dental needs at each milestone of their oral development.

Your Child's First Visit

We understand that a child’s first visit to the dentist can be intimidating. Our friendly staff and our gentle approach will make you and your child feel at home when you visit us. During your child’s the first visit, Dr. Kim will get to know you and your child, answer any questions, and perform a quick exam to ensure that your child is developing normally. We believe that creating a safe and fun environment for your child the first time is the key to pleasant visits in the future.

Schedule Your Child's Dental Check Up in South Riding, VA

When children learn at a young age how to properly take care of their teeth, the chance of needing dental treatment drastically decreases. At Pinebrook Dentistry, our hope is that all of our young patients maintain great oral health throughout their development and develop a positive attitude towards dentistry. Please call our office to schedule a visit with us to find a new dental home for your child.

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