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I have really bad teeth but I don’t want dentures. How can you help?

Regardless of the reason, if you have several teeth that are missing or broken down, it can impact your life in many ways. It may have been a while since you felt confident about your smile. You are probably avoiding foods that are either too cold, hot, or hard to chew. The good news is that there are several options other than traditional dentures that can restore your dental health.

Get Modern, Secure Tooth Replacements

Many people who come to see us do not want dentures that may slide or come off while eating and speaking. Even if your teeth look like they cannot be fixed, a detailed exam by Dr. Gloria Kim may reveal that your teeth are in better shape than you thought. Dr. Kim believes in taking conservative approaches whenever possible to minimize the cost of treatment and loss of teeth. Dental restoration through crowns, bridges, and implants may be a great way to preserve as many teeth as possible.

In cases where most of your teeth are failing, implant-supported dentures at our Stone Ridge dental office can be secured to dental implants to replace all of your teeth. These appliances are not removable like traditional dentures, so there is no worry that they will slip when you are eating and speaking. 

Schedule a Consultation in Chantilly, VA

We would be more than happy to go over your options based on your preference, needs and budget. Schedule a visit with Dr. Kim to find out how to smile and eat with confidence again.

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